People are really unique with their food combination choices. Their tastes for different types of consumables vary according to their native places and eating habits. Some unhealthy eating habits arise from the snacks corner and restaurants that attracts every youngster to consume unhealthy or deadly mixtures. Some of them can be easily identified as food and juice, eating fruits after or with meals, yogurt with fruit, milk and orange juice and cereal, etc. These disturb and obstruct your digestive processes that cause stomach aches, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty to remove waste. To maintain best digestion chicken is proved best, so get your food ordered from any preferred online chicken store.

Most people are blessed with very good metabolism, but not true in all cases. If you are one of them and do not trust your digestion system, the following blog is written for you. We normally complain about bloating, heartburn or any kind of digestion problem after having meals. The main reason could be consuming unhealthy food combinations. So if you think you are creative to try different foods, try giving it a thought. You cannot be as creative for your body but can definitely control the probable diseases like constipation, diarrhea, gas, etc. You can try some best combinations of yogurt with sliced bananas, crunchy carrots with creamy hummus, cheese with eggs, salad with leafy greens and olive oil, strawberries with spinach, etc.

So make sure you do not try following dangerous combinations and maintain the best health. Plan your meal the way you like but with nutritious food.

1)      Animal Protein & Carbs:

When you consume high protein like (meat with bread or potatoes) with carbohydrates, they lead to decaying of protein and carbohydrates disorders. A human body cannot tolerate this for long and this causes bloating, gases and stomach ache also. People who are used to this combination might be suffering from immunity. Rather, one can try beans with rice which is an exceptional combination.

2)      Combination of High Proteins:

Bacon and eggs, surf and turf are some of the foods that contain high proteins. The two high protein foods might take a long time to digest and affect your body. To prevent imbalance in the body, you can eat lighter proteins first and later the meat. But make sure you do not wait more than 10 minutes between the two. This wait will allow the right quantity of proteins intake.

3)      Meat & Cheese:

Meatballs are very cheesy, meat in fondue, cheese, and meat omelet contain high levels of proteins. This makes it difficult to digest them causing uneasiness. Hence instead of consuming this heavy diet, try chopped vegetables and avoid cheesy meatballs and also you can remove some quantities of meat in the omelet.

4)      Chestnut & Beef:

Beef and chestnuts when combined react two micro-elements of beef. Beef contains many trace elements and chestnut is a great source of Vitamin C. both are beneficial individually but when consumed together cause problems to a human health like dyspepsia.

5)      Watermelon & Mutton:

Eating watermelon and mutton together should be avoided. Mutton is basically a hot food and watermelon is the reverse. Combination of both might lead to stomach upsets. Hence, ensure you never consume any such combinations like hot and cold together.

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