Marination is basically a process that helps your meat remain fresh and healthy for a long time before you actually cook. The marinade is mostly liquid, acidic before cooking that contains oils, spices and herbs flavouring the food further. It makes the cut meat pieces more tender and helps to get cooked up well.

Apart from the softening of meat pieces, marinade helps to taste meat deliciously if you use the acid in the right proportion. It simply means the more time you marinate the meat, tastier it becomes after cooking. All you need is proper ingredients for the marination process and things to be avoided. The key to master a meat marinade consists of a perfect combination of quality ingredients and time.

How to Prepare Marinade with Purpose:

  • Neutral Flavored Oil:

Most people know that oil helps the food especially the meat warm and tender. The neutral flavored oil and high smoking point like vegetable oil are mostly used in Asian cooking. Oil also helps to combine other ingredients to bind together and absorb evenly in the meat pieces. But sometimes, oil can be eliminated if the meat is marinated for a long time or if it contains abundant oil like in lamb.

  • Soya Sauce:

The soya sauce itself includes salt, hence you can lessen the amount of salt in the entire marinade. Additionally, the Soya sauce also contains high umami and add savory flavor to the meat.

  • The Fish Sauce:

You can use the fish sauce separately or along with soya sauce. The fish sauce is pretty salty, therefore, be careful you do not use much while you stir and fry. It holds unique and strong Asian flavor.

  • The Acid (lemon juice, vinegar, lime juice):

These acidic ingredients help to tender the meat. Additionally, they also add flavor the meat pieces. However, this acid condenses the protein of the meat pieces and changes its look that seems similar to partially cooked. Therefore, for marination, do not overuse any of the acidic ingredients.

  • The Flour:

Flour is mainly used for marinating especially when the meat is to be deep-fried or stir-fried. Small amounts of flour protect the meat from overcooking too fast while frying. It also gives a golden brown color surface that is appealingly pleasant. Corn flour also offers crispiness to the meat pieces for deep frying.

  • Seasoning Spices & Herbs:

Ingredients like clove, pepper, salt, sugar, ginger juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce are commonly used for marination in Asian cooking.

  • Shaoxing Wine:

This is a type of Chinese Rice Wine that adds obvious Asian flavor to any preferred dishes. It is widely used in most Chinese restaurants.

  • Sugar:

Like salt, sugar plays an important role as a flavor enhancer. Sugar also speeds up the cooking process of the meat during stir-frying that give quick brown color to the meat.

  • The Obvious Salt:

Salt acts both flavor and texture savory. It is an essential element in any food that tenderize by breaking down the hard protein of the meat pieces.

What can you avoid in the Marination Process?

1)      If you refrigerate the meat pieces, it will avoid the bacteria growth. Hence, do not keep your food outside the fridge and make it a victim of unhealthy and dangerous bacteria.

2)      You can make use of sufficient marinate to cover up the entire food. Otherwise, rotate the food items timely to make sure the even marination.

3)      Use acid resistant vessel to keep the meat in the chiller. Stainless steel and glass vessels can be preferred for this.

4)      Take note that you do not add crushed aromatic like onion, garlic or spring onion to the marination if you plan to stir-fry. Stir-frying requires strong heat and these crushed aromatic will be certainly burned.

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