Meat is one of the most versatile food ingredients and features in almost every cuisine from around the world! With more and more people turning to non-vegetarian food each day, it is important to be sure of the quality of the meats we are buying.

Poultry and raw meat are among the top high-risk items when it comes to food safety. It is extremely necessary to be sure that the meat you are buying is good quality meat and is fresh. With pre-packed meats in the supermarket, it has become difficult to determine whether the meat is fresh just by sight.

Here are a few tips and tricks to determine whether the meat you buy is fresh or not.


Meat from different animals has different colours. Goat meat usually has light pink to bright red colour and chicken meat is white to light pink when is freshy cut. If some parts of the meat are turning green it is a sure sign that the meat is going bad. When buying fish make sure that the gills are red or pink and the eyes are protruding and clear. Cloudy eyes are an indication that the fish is not fresh.


Smelling your meat is a great way to know whether it is fresh or not. Fresh meat usually has a very muted but distinctive smell to it. Some meats do not have any smell to them but if the meat you smell is even slightly rancid it is not good for eating. Meat that smells like ammonia or makes you want to gag is definitely not fresh.


You can also find out if the meat is fresh by touching it or poking it. Fresh meat, when poked, springs back to its original shape. If the meat feels too stiff or if your finger sinks into the meat, that meat is definitely old. Fresh meat does not stick to your hands and leaves your palms dry. If the meat leaks juices when cut it is probably defrosted or old. For fish, the scales should be tight and shiny and for scaled fish, the scales should stick to the skin. Fish with flaky scales and lacklustre skin should not be bought.

If you are buying pre-packed meat from a supermarket make sure that no juices are oozing from the meat. Try to opt for non-frozen products or buy from a local butcher who cuts the meat in front of you. As the demand for fresh meat grows, an upcoming service in this sector is online meat stores.

Chikmeat is one such online meat store that ensures that you get only the best quality meat delivered right to your doorstep. We cut by order so you can be sure that the meat has been cut and packed only after you have placed your order so that you get fresh meat in a timely manner.