In the past few years, the concept of buying various types of fish and meat online has become quite popular among the fast-paced residents of Pune city. Majority of the residents in Pune are working professionals who usually do not have a lot of time on their hands to go shopping due to their hectic schedules. The convenience of buying meat online appeals to the tech-savvy younger generation who have a dearth of time and cannot afford to go to far-off places to buy the choicest meat.

Chikmeat is an online portal that enables you to purchase the best and choicest meat and fish pieces from the comfort of your home. It was established by a group of food lovers with the vision of providing customers high-quality meat and fish pieces to your doorstep. The company encourages healthy choices and clean eating which reflects in the products offered by it. Chikmeat helps to usher in a new trend of buying fresh meat online. 

There are several benefits of buying fresh meat only through Chikmeat. A few of them are as follows:


We provide you with the tastiest and juiciest meat pieces that are extremely fresh and edible. The entire process of cleaning, chopping, weighing, and packing the meat pieces are done in a clean and hygienic manner. We have high hygienic standards that are not compromised in any way. We provide you extremely hygienic meat pieces that no roadside butcher can provide.

2.Temperature controlled

We store our meat pieces in a climate and moisture controlled room which effectively make the meat tenderer and prevents it from going bad. The temperature controlled environment within our packaging guarantees the freshness of your meat pieces and fish pieces.

3.Customized cuts

Roadside butchers offer you irregular cuts of meat that cannot be used for any and all dishes. We offer customized cuts of meat that can be used to prepare dishes that require meat pieces to be cut in a specific way. We ensure constancy in the size of the meat and fish pieces that we offer you.


Our meat and fish meet all the nutritional requirements as our stock is sourced from only the leading suppliers in and around the city. We offer you high-quality and evenly cut meat that no roadside butcher can provide.


Freezing meat and fish pieces affect their flavor. Thus, we only provide meat pieces that are fresh and never frozen. The freshness of our meat pieces is not compromised in any way. We also do not add any sort of preservatives which could ruin their texture and natural juices.  The quality of our meat tends to be a lot better than the stale meat available at local butcheries.

6.Vast variety

On the Chikmeat website, we offer you a vast variety of options on a single platform. There are a ton of different types of meat and cuts available on our website. No matter what type of meat or fish you are looking for, you are sure to find it.

7.Clean conditions

We provide raw and ready to cook meat pieces that have been sourced from organic farms. Our meat and fish pieces are processed in an extremely clean environment and thus, you never have to worry about the quality of the meat you receive.


Our website is extremely convenient and user-friendly. You do not have to travel long distances to buy meat of your choice. Even if you are not very familiar with online shopping you can easily order the meat as per your requirements because of our streamlined ordering process.

9.Unlimited stock

We have a large and unlimited stock which enables us to effectively cater to both small and large orders alike. We do not have a limit regarding the quantity of meat and fish that we provide our esteemed customers.

10.Home delivery

You can buy meat online from our website to avail all the benefits that a supermarket provides you, from the comfort of your own home. No matter what type of meat you order, it will be delivered to your doorstep within an hour’s time.

Thus, Chikmeat is definitely the best website in Pune to buy premier quality meat and fish pieces.