"#ChikmeatSunday" "अचानक घरी पाहुणे जेवायला येतायत... Non veg करायची फर्माइश आहे... वेळ खूप कमी आहे .. Chicken n fish.. कुठे मिळेल गं पटकन fresh आणि छान ??!! " मैत्रिणीचा...

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-Kaumudini Sane


Chikmeat is breaking all the stereo types of meat business and setting new bar for the industry. Their meat quality is perfect not just for Mutton and chicken but Fish too. I am really impressed with the cleanliness with which the meat was packed. Want to make Good Friday to Great Friday order from them. It will not be over exaggeration if I say th...

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-Jayesh Katkar

MD, Zeal Education